Dave Harned

Full Stack Web Developer

About Me

I have always found myself at the confluence of creativity and technology. From a tiny tape room on Music Row to a help desk at a major healthcare company, my career has taken me on a some interesting turns before I discovered software development. I’ve learned that I am happiest when I’m using both sides of my brain. Merging the logical flow of a program with an attractive, intuitive interface hits a sweet spot - and it’s the reason I love and am pursuing a career in full-stack web development.

When I was eight my parents found me with a screwdriver, and our VCR in fourteen pieces on the living room floor. I’ve always been driven to understand how and why things work, and this has evolved into a natural skill for troubleshooting, debugging, and problem solving.

I am an experienced IT professional and a diligent lifetime learner. I am actively seeking to leverage my years of technical support with self-taught programming prowess into a junior web developer role with a creative and hardworking team.


Shout Into the Void

A full-stack social micro-blog application using Angular, Node, Express, and MongoDB UNDER CONSTRUCTION

To-Do Notebook

A full-stack to-do list application using React, Node, Express, and MongoDB

Simon Game

freeCodeCamp front-end project in vanilla javascript

3D Tic-Tac-Toe

freeCodeCamp front-end project using jQuery and CSS animations